Outlook Date Tagger

This is an Outlook 2000 utility I wrote to create a "DayReceived" and a "DaySent" user-defined field on all mail items in an Outlook folder. This is useful because Outlook 2000 does not allow you to easily "Group By" date and have the messages show grouped by the day they were sent/received (instead grouping them by the minute). After running this utility, you can then use the normal Outlook user interface to group all the messages by one of the two new user-defined fields and they will be grouped by the day they were sent (the fields are set as strings in the format 'yyyy-mm-dd' to preserve sorting as one would expect).

Outlook Date Tagger prompts you for a specific folder to start processing in, and from there automatically recurses into subfolders. It only adds the tags to items of type "MailItem", so appointments and journal entries will not be affected. Feel free to modify the source code if you desire different behaviour.

To be sure new messages also get this user-defined field, this utility has to be run quite regularly or a macro/custom action similar to this code should be used on new/incoming messages.

More information about this Outlook 2000 problem/solution can be found on Google Answers at:

Disclaimer: I've made every attempt to make this stable and useful. Regardless, you are using this software at your own risk. By using the utility, you take all responsibility for consequent damage and injury onto yourself. The author does not claim it safe for use in your circumstances-- all computers are different and often difficult to predict.


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