Welcome to the downloads section, here you will find a collection of my plugins and scripts for Valve's Source games.

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You are licensed to use this software for free, provided that you understand that you do so at your own risk. I tried to make this code stable and friendly, but I make no guarantee that this software won't cause problems for you. By downloading or installing these plugins, you agree that all problems are 100% yours and 0% mine.
If you're uncomfortable with accepting this responsibility, do not download or use the plugins.

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Mattie's Plugins

EventScripts v2.1.1 Beta Release

This version has been updated for Counter-Strike: Source, L4D, L4D2, and OrangeBox.

Mattie's System Plugin is a Source add-on that exposes a system command that lets you run operating system executables from your Valve console. There are massive security implications to this plugin.


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Mattie's Script Addons

This is a silly TF2 addon to provide Portal-like sentry sounds when the sentries are constructed, sapped, start attacking, etc. Things like "sentry mode activated", "are you still there?", "help!", "that was close", etc.

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